0x800708ca This network connection does not exist

I was recently adding an additional mapped drive to an existing GPO, and the drive would not appear no matter what changes I made to the various settings (Create/Replace/Update, adding a Delete first, setting this or all drives to show, etc). Frustrated, I started digging into the event viewer and found this error:

0x800708ca This network connection does not exist

Searching online for this error kept bringing up results where people were trying to get rid of existing mapped drives but were unable to, but that was the opposite of what I was after. Finally I ran across a forum thread where one of the troubleshooting steps a user mentioned was to check for spaces in the drive description. I didn’t have any spaces in the drive description, but that got me thinking. A quick glance showed the functioning drives paths did *not* end with a trailing slash, but the failing drive mapping did (see following example). I removed the trailing slash, ran gpupdate on a computer, and the drive instantly appeared.


Android Music app showing No Folders

The last few days I was unable to listen to my music during my morning runs because the built-in in “Music” app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android phone wasn’t showing any of my music, or folders of music available. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time initially because around the same time I broke my screen and had to get it replaced. Once I could finally spend some time seriously troubleshooting, it turns out I had downloaded a .ogg file. I’m not sure exactly how it caused this issue, but where clearing cache and data in the Music app, Media Storage, etc, all of my folders and music magically showed up again after I removed the offending .ogg file.