0x800708ca This network connection does not exist

I was recently adding an additional mapped drive to an existing GPO, but the drive would not appear no matter what changes I made to the various settings (Create/Replace/Update, adding a Delete first, setting this or all drives to show, etc). Frustrated, I started digging into the event viewer and found this error:

0x800708ca This network connection does not exist

I searched online for this error and kept finding results where people were trying to get rid of existing mapped drives but were unable to. This was the opposite of what I was after! Finally I ran across a forum thread where one of the troubleshooting steps a user mentioned was to check for spaces in the drive description. I didn’t have any spaces in the drive description, but that got me thinking. A quick glance showed the functioning drives paths did *not* end with a trailing slash, but the failing drive mapping did (see following example). I removed the trailing slash, ran gpupdate on a computer, and the drive instantly appeared.


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  1. Late to the party, but found myself scratching my head for twenty minutes troubleshooting the exact same issue, removing the trailing \ worked. Thanks!

    1. sorry to sound sttupid but what is trailing exactly. I get the same code after updating firmware. The Xbox Accesories app wont configure the series 2. Do i need to delete device and drivers and start over?!? I really need to map push to talk to a paddle lol.

      1. Kris, this is unrelated to Xbox, unfortunately. This is for mapping network drives with Group Policy in a Windows domain environment. “Trailing” is referring to the slash at the end of the path (“\\some\path\” vs. “\\some\path”).

  2. This was what I was missing, fixed my issue. Thanks for taking the time to write this!

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