Nagios check_esxi_hardware CRITICAL: Execution time too long!

Today I ran into a Nagios check that had shown status “UNKNOWN” with output “CRITICAL: Execution time too long!” for the check_esxi_hardware check. The server and ESXi system all seemed to be functioning just fine, and no updates had been applied between it working and the new “UNKNOWN” status.

VMWare Tools (esp. Unity) with Kali Linux 3.12.6-2kali1

While attempting to get a fresh VM of Kali Linux (3.12.6-2kali1,3.12-kali1-amd64)  to install VMWare Tools (8.8.0 build-471268), I ran into the following errors (among others). My primary intent was to use Unity mode, since some basic functionality was already working with the default install (such as not needing ctrl-alt to move mouse to host OS).